Step by step : rework of Nicholas Koenig Muppets Treasure Island illustration

We had this assignment in May, our director gave all the trans studio staff to do this kind of exercise to improve our skill, drawing and coloring in particular. But first, we must try another approach of perspective. So, here it is my attempt to finish the assignment. Started from rough sketch, and done with photoshop.

We all used the reference from Nicholas Koenig (link) awesome concept art of PC video game Muppets Treasure Island. He was a designer, concept artist, and creative director, specialize in many areas of entertainment, includes video game, illustration, animation or cartoon, and of course theme park.

It was a good practice, though. I hope it can be useful for my work in the future.

Super Derby of Manchester

Ini bukan sekadar partai derby. Ini adalah segalanya. Partai sarat gengsi. Partai penentu puncak klasemen Liga Inggris. Akan banyak ditentukan oleh seberapa baiknya Tevez (Man. City) dan Rooney (MU) menjalankan peran sentralnya.