Lighting in art

It all started with a several piece of artworks. Not an ordinary one, but the “mind-blowing artwork” from Todd Harris, Goro Fujita, Sam Nielson, and other ‘sick’ people.

They just showed off their superb skill of rendering (2D in particular), using Photoshop or Corel painter, and created a very inspiring artwork.

Todd Harris :

Goro Fujita :

Sam Nielson :

These people has opened up my mind about a beautiful thing called “lighting”. Lighting has become one of the most important aspect in film, video game, animation, and of course, illustration. Thanks to them! (Don’t forget to visit their blog! Totally recommended).

A simple sketch can be transformed into a gorgeous masterpiece when we are able to put the lighting in a good and right method. It is all about composition, atmosphere, light deflection, reflection, light source, and many more!

I need to improve my understanding of lighting more!